Powerful Document Template Market
Solution For Content Publishers

XpressDox Publisher provides a complete document template library and e-commerce solution built on the world’s leading document automation software.

Experience XpressDox Publisher

XpressDox Publisher enables you to quickly establish a document template library and publish your templates for external subscribers, users and clients.

Commercialize Your Document Templates

XpressDox Publisher provides everything you need to commercialize your document templates. Establish your template library and set-up your e-commerce payments gateway quickly, manage your document templates and subscribers easily, and measure engagement with in-depth reporting.

Create a Template Market Quickly and Easily

Complete set-up done for you

Entire set-up of your template library structure and e-commerce platform is done for you to speed up time to launch.

Launch from your own website

Launch your template library from your own website instead of open market shop, delivering speed to users.

Web-based for easy access

Web-based platform enables users to access the library securely from anywhere, from either inside or outside of a membership wall.

Branded to match your CI

Brand the platform to match your corporate identity with custom design for brand logos, theme colours, and brand positioning content.

Beautiful and Easy-to-Follow Interviews

Flexible E-Commerce & Billing Module

Manage Members / Users / Subscribers

Peace of Mind Security

Powerful Management Reporting

No Training Required for Your Subscribers

Getting Started Is Easy

It’s straightforward to create your own custom template library and e-commerce platform using XpressDox Publisher to create more value for members and generate more revenue.


Create your templates in Word using XpressDox

Step 1


Upload templates to your XpressDox Publisher platform

Step 2


Set pricing for new products or update subscription pricing

Step 3


Publish new templates to your Publisher platform

Step 4

Deliver Unrivalled Value to Members & Customers

State Bar associations and content providers can provide unrivalled value to their members and customers when publishing their document templates and forms to an online library.