Powerful Document Template Market
Solution For Content Publishers

XpressDox Publisher provides a complete document template library and e-commerce solution built on the world’s leading document automation software.

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XpressDox Publisher

Commercialize Your Document Templates

XpressDox Publisher provides everything you need to commercialize your document templates.

Create Your Template Market Quickly & Easily

A comprehensive feature set designed to get you from set-up to value creation in the shortest possible time.

Beautiful and Easy-to-Follow Interviews

Comprehensive Template Library Structure

Comprehensive template library management interface with easy navigation to keep your templates organized.

Flexible E-Commerce & Billing Module

Manage Members / Users / Subscribers

Powerful Management Reporting

Detailed reporting to enable user and usage analytics that provides insights to inform library development.
Quickly customise reports to track key metrics and measure your specific objectives.

Peace of Mind Security Security

Branded to Match Your CI

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XpressDox Publisher

Getting Started Is Easy

It’s straightforward to create your own custom template library and e-commerce platform using XpressDox Publisher to create more value for members and generate more revenue.

XpressDox Publisher Delivers an Intuitive User Experience

Fast, efficient to manage and easy to learn and use, XpressDox Publisher redefines the way to create and implement a template library for maximum return.

Custom Pricing to Meet Your Needs

XpressDox Publisher provides a range of pricing options to enable to customise your solution.

Revenue Share

XpressDox earns a revenue share fee of 25% - 30%

Per User Fee

Pay a monthly or yearly fee per register user

We are committed to working with you to design and implement your template library and e-commerce platform. Contact us for advice on which pricing option is best for you and to get a no-obligation quote.