Grow Bar Membership

State Bar Associations play a major role in assisting member firms to practise law more efficiently. XpressDox Publisher enables State Bar Association to create a document template library and e-commerce platform quickly to deliver more value and generate more revenue.

Add Value for Members

Empower member firms to practise law more efficiently and meet evolving client expectations.

Increase Non-Dues Revenue

Increase Bar Association membership and increase non-dues revenue from existing members.

Iowa State Bar Association & XpressDox Publisher

Iowa State Bar Association implemented a new document template library and e-commerce platform for their members using XpressDox Publisher. Listen to Harry Shipley, Assistant Executive Director at the Iowa State Bar Association, as he gives insights and advice on how the Iowa State Bar has been able to grow their association membership through the use of a template’s library.

Harry Shipley

Assistant Executive Director | Iowa State Bar Association
Harry oversees and coordinates the ISBA’s core member services and serves as the organization’s chief financial officer. He plays a major role in developing and implementing strategic planning processes, as well as day-to-day operations and all personnel issues.

1. Why should a State Bar Association create an automated template library for members?

In this video, Harry explains how members and the State Bar can both benefit from an automated template library.

2. How IowaDocs grew its client base to become a trusted partner for its members.

In this video, Harry discusses what the Iowa State Bar has done to achieve such a loyal client base. This includes providing training courses for members and introducing IowaDocs services to existing law and paralegal classes.

3. Advice for State Bar associations who are considering developing a system like IowaDocs.

In this video, Harry talks about the need to educate staff and leadership about the document automation program, its benefits, and how to effectively create and obtain content for the masses.

4. How to identify which forms to include, and how do you keep the templates updated?

In this video, Harry talks about Iowa State Bar’s 40-year long history in creating and providing documents and templates to its members and the role of the legal forms committee.

5. Insights into changing document platforms and the proactive support received in the new environment from XpressDox and certified partner Docugility?

In this video, Harry unpacks what he finds most impressive about the services provided by XpressDox and certified partner Docugility, ranging from user experience, template modifications, and responsiveness.